Five Things To Experience in Australia.

My wife, son and I had the opportunity to go to Australia for a relative’s wedding. The twenty hour flight was grueling. We left on a Tuesday and reached on Thursday.

That was not so cool as I felt we lost almost two days just traveling. However, Australia was very impressive in all its sights and sounds. Australia to me  felt like a combination of America and Asia. The one thing that stood out to me  was how the people were so courteous and helpful wherever we went.

sydney opera house

If you ask a stranger a question they go out of their way to answer you with as much as details as possible.  It felt like a breath of fresh air from what we are used to here on the east coast of the U.S. Here is a list of things you should try experience when you make your trip to Australia

  1. The Opera House in Sydney.
  2. The Asian Food.
  3. See some kangaroos. There are free places for this.
  4. The beaches are some of the most beautiful in the world.
  5. Fish and chips. This seems to be the most popular entree.

There are many beautiful views that include water. However, the one downside would be there is a lot of driving. I felt like to get from one place to the other it was always  hour and a half.  The good thing is the scenery is amazing so that is a positive. Here is my list of things to see on your trip to Australia

The wide variety of birds we saw and sounds they made gave it a very tropical island feel. A few of the birds we saw everyday were King Parrots, Kookaburras, Magpies. We even saw large Pelicans in their swamp areas.

We stayed at an aunt’s house that was in a mountainous area that had bellbirds. The sound put forth from these creatures was absolutely beautiful.

One of my desires on my way to Australia was to taste a Kangaroo burger. However, after meeting a few kangaroos and seeing how cute they were I quickly changed my mind. Meeting the Kangaroos was an experience in itself. Such gentle and peaceful animals that walked up to me and my son left me in awe of them.

We were only able to go to Sydney, but hopefully next time we can visit more places on the continent. Here is a little silly video my son and I did about some of our observances in Australia.

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