Age Is Just A Number.

I’m reminded of Caleb saying “Give me this mountain” and he was 85 years old. We’re always encouraged and motivated when we see a teenager going after his dream. There are a few and they are inspiring. However, how about the older guy or gal? It takes a lot to get past all the self-limiting programming that’s installed in our minds over years.

Years and years of negativity built up in our minds can be reversed. You ‘ll have to be committed to reading and listening to positive information. Every moment of every second has to be one of inputting a new operating system and reinforcing it with massive action. I loved listening to music and sports radio in my car but stopped because. I found that i need to reverse thought patterns toward productivity.

Political talk, sports radio and the news will always be there to distract. But does that information empower you to becoming a better you?   Watching the news with its constant negative slant  on everything will only leave a feeling negative. Ask yourself this question when you want to watch the news again. Do I really need to see and hear about another murder?

Watching the story of a man named Jimmy Smith is always inspiring. He was in his 70’s when he started selling vitamins. He would get so many no’s but he decided to never give up. He fed his mind with books and audio’s that would enable him to have tough skin. He says “the  no’s would build his character.” He goes on to become a very wealthy millionaire in his late 70’s. Now he is in his 80’s helping others do the same as he has done.

No matter what age you are you can create the perfect life you have always dreamed of

  1. Surround yourself with people that challenge you. If you hang out with 3 highly successful people you will be the fourth highly successful person.
  2. Reverse any bad programming or negative beliefs through inputting positive books and audios
  3. Be willing to to fight the resistance even when there is no hope in sight. You will get many no’s before you get that one yes.
  4. Keep working even though you don’t feel like it

You have nothing to lose by going after what is yours already. One of the biggest regrets of the dying is that they never took risks. Do it for you. One day will say I did it.

Question: Has your age ever become something that pushes you forward or holds you back? Please share.

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