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My name is Paul Moses and my passion is in encouraging an inspiring others to make an lasting impact. Each of us has something great inside us that is only unique to who we are. My goal is to help you through my stories and past experiences.

My journey starts out in working in retail. I seem to always be around computers. I grew to love serving others by giving information on what computers to buy and how fix technical issues with their computers. I worked in law firms for a few years providing IT support there.  I moved onto a more IT enterprise role leading a team of consultants at NASA on improving IT systems.

At my current place of work I was given the responsibility of managing a team. I have a lot a fun stories to share about that and some valuable observances I have learned over the past 4 years. My goal is that my simple tips can give you needed information in making better decisions for you and the people you lead. Or if you are looking to take that next step in leadership be sure to “hear me out.”

Lastly, I have always had a passion for what drives successful entrepreneurs as they seem to have the total package in leadership, sales and finances. The list can go on. I have spent a good amount of time studying them . I hope my information is entertaining, uplifting and encouraging to you. If you have an questions or just want to give me some tips on making this site better serve you don’t hesitate to reach out to me.


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