A Story on Disappointment

It was my  birthday this past March so my awesome wife planned a birthday all-family trip to Greece. We booked our tickets early. I was so excited as I had not had a real vacation where I got away from home in 2 years. Being the lover of food and history I could not wait to taste authentic Greek yogurt and see the Acropolis.

Every day I would go online and research the best places to eat. I would also research all the different kinds of foods. I was readying  and preparing myself  to eat all the Greek foods as early as 3 months before my birthday trip. At home after dinner time I pulled out my laptop and showed my family all the delicious Greek entrees that we were going to partake of such as  Moussaka, Souvlaki, Spanakopita, Gyros and much more

I constantly checked the weather and it looked to be a week of sunshine in Greece. Upon my research I was amazed at all the beautiful islands that can be traveled to by way of ferry for next to nothing. So we went ahead and booked tickets to a few islands. This was going to be a birthday trip to remember.

The night before our flight I went online to do an early check in inputting all our passport information. When i was inputting my passport nothing seemed to work. The airlines site kicked me back out and the error message stated that “your passport has expired.” No this cannot not be. Let me take a closer look at my passport. Yes indeed my passport had expired 3 months before my birthday trip.


My heart sunk…


We prepare so much for something but in the end we find out we were not prepared enough. Preparation is so important in every phase of life. Is there something you need to be prepared on today so you will be ready in the future? Has anything weird like this happened to you?


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