7 Reasons why you need to laugh more

  1. A good laugh gives you feelings of renewal. That could be why most newcomers -babies  laugh a lot. 90 percent of babies are  laughers within the first five months. So laugh like you’re a baby.
  2. You burn calories. Want to lose a little weight. Hit the laughing gym for 15 to 20 minutes daily and you can lose 4 pounds says the director of bionutrition at Vanderbilt University Maciej Buchowski
  3. Laughing is heart healthy. It performs the opposite functions of what stress does to your heart. Instead of watching that horror movie go for the comedy movie.
  4. It builds your immune system. This is done in its creation of more antibody cells.
  5. It can stop anger. Yes there have been a few times as a kid when i have been able to make my parents laugh when i was in trouble. I was  then let off the hook. When i worked in retail getting a angry customer to laugh at some self deprecating humor immediately calmed the situation
  6. It Improves relationships. Pulling a little from our last point there have been times i have made my wife upset. If i was able to make her laugh through the situation. I was able to improve that situation. More laughter in your relationship will equal more positivity towards each other.
  7. It provides stress relief. When you’re under a heavy workload at work try watching a silly youtube video for a few seconds. It will lighten your load due to its limiting of the stress hormones within your body

reasons to laugh

I can tell you many stories of the great affects laughter has on us. When I am with my son and his friends telling a few jokes and getting them to laugh endears me to them. It can be simple knock jokes knock jokes. Be sure to have some ready when you are around your little ones as they can get bored quickly.

If you have your smartphone handy your jokes are right at your fingertips. Have a blast with your kids. Here is a joke that I pulled from a children’s pirate website that had my child and his friends roaring with laughter.

Once upon a time there was a captain named Captain Bravo. He was a very brave captain.

However, one day when they were sailing the look-out spotted a pirate ship. He yelled out “one pirate ship about to attack.” Captain Bravo sprung into action and said “quick get me my red shirt.” Then Captain Bravo and his men went out and defeated the pirates. The next day the

look-out peared through his looking glass and said “ ALERT! ALERT! I see not one but two pirate ships prepared for attack. The always brave Captain Bravo sprung into action again and yelled “quick get me my red shirt.“ Under the leadership of Captain Bravo they defeated the two pirate ships.

After the battle his ship mates were in awe of him. They asked the Captain “why do you ask for your red shirt when we go to fight?” The brave Captain explained that when they go to battle the red shirt hides the blood from his wounds. In turn his men are able to continue to fight unafraid.

His men sat in amazement at such courage that was never seen before. As the dawn approached the Captain and men were interrupted a third time by the lookout who said “ ALERT! ALERT! I see not one not two but ten pirates ships prepared for attack.” All of the men looked at Captain Bravo to follow his usual order

Captain Bravo calmly replied “Quick get me my brown pants!”

Question: Have you thought of  taking out time in your day to just laugh?

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