6 Ways to Increase Your Confidence Level.

I have interviewed many candidates for positions at the various companies that i have worked for. The candidates that always stood out are the ones with the most confidence. It is very intriguing that i have gone on to hire candidates that had more confidence than those that lacked it. Many times the person with the confidence had less experience.

I have to admit I throw random questions during interviews just to see where candidates confidence levels are. One question is – If you were a tree what kind of tree would you be? Out of all the answers that I received the one that i remember is from one gentleman who said – I am a money tree. I’ll make this company money.

I was wowed by that answer. Still to this day I have not forgotten that response. But what it is about confidence that makes us all drawn to it? A person with confidence gives off the sense that they can get the job done no matter what. The truth is the confident person makes us feel more confident. Immediate trust is built even in a short period of time

Here is how you can exude confidence in interviews and in quick meet and greets

  1. Be the first to smile and say Hi to everyone you meet
  2. Use of confident words. I can do such and such NOT I can try or possibly do such and such
  3. Put your hand out first. Then deliver a firm handshake. Not too hard or too soft but just right.
  4. Maintain a comfortable level of eye contact
  5. Ask questions that seek valuable information.
  6. Dressing the part. A person who is dressed in business attire gives off that first impression of confidence

The great thing about confidence is that it is something you can work on every day to get better at. It all stems to how you think about yourself and how you liked to be treated. You deserve to be treated with importance because you are a person of intelligence. Confidence is something that everyone should have. But some of us lose it through negative experiences.

Focusing on our positive experiences can get us back onto the road to our confidence selves. Think of all the times you did do something successfully. It can be something small. But you did it. Now build on that.

Question: Are there helpful ways you build your confidence that you would like to share?

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