5 Reasons Why You Need Positive Peer Pressure

I took my son to Climbzone twice. Climbzone is a place where folks can climb about 50 different rock climbing structures that are about one hundred feet high.

On our first trip to Climbzone I noticed my son was very excited and would climb up but when he reached about 50 feet high he felt he hit his limit. But there was still about 25 more feet to go.

He would then let go and allow the rope to let him come safely  back  down.

He did this every time he climbed a structure he hit a certain plateau and something in his mind told him – you are too high up. You cannot go past this point. He would then let himself down without completing the climb

Fast forward two weeks.

I take him back to Climbzone with two of his  friends. He sees his friends climb the wall all the way to the top. Something clicked for him.  After seeing what his friends could do he willed himself past his terror all the way to the top.

From that point onward he climbed to the top every single time he was to climb a structure. He was even winning races to the top after that.

  1. When you see them doing it you feel you can do it. People who are crushing it and going for their dreams give off that decisive energy that the more you are with them it starts to rub off on you creating positive peer pressure
  2. You learn how to get past obstacles. The guy or gal who is crushing it has hindrances in their path also. But they get past it because they believe they can.
  3. You’ll get that positive attitude. No matter what may go wrong they always think right. So every time things don’t go there way they don’t throw in the towel. They learn from it and work harder.
  4. You’ll see that they are all about execution, implementation and action. While others think about doing things. They do it.
  5. They get the needed help. Most successful people have a coach or a mentor. This step  gets them and can get you to the next level. The people who never make it drift and lose focus.

you climb

You need to get around others who don’t make excuses. You may say how can i find such people. One site that comes to mind is meetup.com. Get together with people that can get you past your mental limit. This can be likened to a workout partner. In most cases a workout partner will push you harder than you will push yourself. When you feel like giving in they will get you to do another 5 lifts. Likewise, we must get a success partner or group we can get around that will take us past our self imposed limitations

Question: Have you ever experienced the power of a partner that has pushed you where you thought you could not go? What do you think holds you back ?

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