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I”ve read a book by Joe Gibbs called Game Plan for Life. In this book Gibbs gives pointers on what he did when faced with financial difficulty. The advice in that book helped me when I was going through financial difficulty. A key pointer that I took from that book that helped me was when he said if you are faced with a lot of debt always seek a way to pay back as the financial institutions are  looking to work with you. Reading has changed lives around the world.

 Reading gives you access to high level minded people and how they do things. It gives you their approach to obstacles. I can tell you that I have avoided many pitfalls in life due to being a reader. You need to read for it can help you. Here are 5 benefits of being a reader

  1. You will get a golden nugget. Every top book has a nugget that if acted upon can take you to the next level.
  2. Reading a lot helps you become a better reader. Upon talking to speed readers it was their ability to read a lot that helped them read faster and comprehend faster
  3. Reading helps you become a better leader. Reading how great leaders lead can  give you more tools to put in your arsenal. It will give you the the mindset to do what a leader is supposed to do.
  4. Reading can improve every area of your life. Pick an area in your life that needs to get better. Simply read up on it then read more on it. Your powerful mind will seek ways for improvement in that area all because you read.
  5. Being a reader helps you become a better writer. When asked the question how one can become a better writer the multiple award winning author Stephen King said read, read, read.

read everyday

Reading has improved the lives of many by simply allowing the reader more exposure to varying views. Most of our U.S. Presidents were readers. At least 19 of them had their own libraries. It is key to build up your reading habit today by picking up a good book and reading.


Question: What is the last book you have read ? Do you feel you benefited from it?

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