4 ways to become more decisive today

Striiiiiiike! Umpiring little league baseball was a lesson in decision making for me. The call has to be made. The rules in the game have to be upheld. The umpire has to make sound decisions and not back off. Leaders in all walks of life can learn from the five pointer I have listed below. 

  1. Focus on what is happening and what has just happened. Let it process through your mind. Go with your gut instinct. Make the call or decision.
  2. Take your time. Make sure you see the situation all the way through. A hasty decision can more than likely be the wrong decision. There were times I  would make a call and call the runner out at first base. But the first baseman had dropped the ball when it was thrown to him. If I had waited just a few more seconds until I felt the play was over I would have called the runner safe. If I had waited a little bit longer. I would have made the right call.
  3. Stick to your decision. Yes I made the wrong call. I had to stick to it. Unfortunately, in little league baseball there is no instant replay. This means that one of the teams will be upset. Go with what you decided and move on
  4. Be prepared to give reasoning. Whether you make a wrong decision or right decision have an  answer why you made the decision and let it be known.


For many of us day-to-day decision making can be  mind racking. Should I buy this or should I buy that? Should I do this or do that? From his book Anything You Want Derek Sivers gives some solid advice on decision making that has helped many. He says when faced with a decision ask yourself If it is a hell yes then go for it. If it is a hell no then don’t.


Questions : Being a decision maker can be tough. What has helped you in making decisions?

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