Three Things You Will Experience When You Take The Plunge.

My son my wife and I were at the mouth of a cave named Xceret. It is a underground water cave that is dark, cold and of course wet. I did not want to do because I’m not a great swimmer. But my son kept prodding us to do  it. We could hear the echoes in the distance of people being wowed by the beautiful views that this underground water cave had. Fear gripped me. The questions of death ran through my mind. My son finally said let’s just do it as a family. So with much trepidation (sorry for the big word) I took the plunge. The water was about 6 feet deep. We had life jackets that would keep us somewhat near the top of the water. My four year old coached us to get past our fears.

We bobbed in and out of the water as we made it through the amazing cave. We were able to experience magnificent views by the builders who created this cave. We even saw many sea animals that were in an adjacent glass enclosure. Just getting past our fears allowed us to experience the beauty of the cave. We could have turned back at the mouth of the cave and never had the experience and this story to tell

Why doesn’t the 95% ever go after their dreams? There can be a million of reasons. I would say the number 1 reason is fear. Fear of the unknown. Fear of failure. Fear of trying another thing and disappointing yourself. Fear of what others will think. The root of procrastination is fear. While we let our fears control us our life passes us by. We get older. The things we fear to do even get harder because we never try. Then there are those that try but when it gets hard everything is dropped  and  back to our safe zone we go. Instead we need to find that burning desire that lies within us and stick it out.

    1. Take the plunge and just do it. I was so fearful at the mouth of the cave. I even thought we would all drown because none of us are swimmers
    2. Get out of your head. The worst thing that we think will happen will not happen. Its the fear in our mind that holds us back as we replay negative possibilities. “If we think in positive terms we will get positive results” -Norman Vincent Peale
    3. We’ll grow and have a story to tell that can build our confidence and help someone else. Now you can help someone else who is stuck by fear. Because you did it so they can do it too.

take the plunge

The amazing thing is when we do the thing we fear over and over. We stop fearing it. Fear loses its grip on us. We start to get something called momentum at our side. But we can only get there when we get past what we fear.

Question: Has fear stared you in the face? What did you learn when you got past it?

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