Three tips for sciatic nerve pain

I  jerked  my back while doing some work. Pain went down from my lower back and shot down my leg. It felt as if my right side from my waist down to my foot was in some type of explosive shock with excruciating pain. Standing up felt like someone had punched in the right buttock. The nerve endings around my waist down to my shin onto my foot would tingle.

Sciatic nerve pain is extremely painful. I would not wish it on my worst enemy. The only time you can feel comfortable is when you lay on your stomach. What does this have to do with a power mindset? In life you’re going to to hit tough spots. You will get sick. A family member may pass.

But you cannot lose focus on your purpose. The powerful mindset is  strengthened during the tough times.  Allow yourself to step back and seek what you have learned from every experience.

There are times when the pain will not go away. You can still work while you’re laying down. I had to find a laying position where the pain was bearable.

Sadly the pain will take close to 3 months to leave. When it’s gone you can still feel the unease and that the injury has left behind. But you can’t stop your daily stretching. You’ll feel like there no hope in sight. Just get up and do your stretches. Relief is on the way. Finally, after about 7 weeks the pain dissipated. I could walk pain free.

For those who have experienced this pain here is what helped me.

  1. Ice bag and a heat pad. For an hour daily switch between an ice bag and heat pad 15 minutes each. Also, let cold and hot water permeate over the affected area
  2. Daily stretching. Stretch when you wake up and when before you go to bed. Do some lower back stretches such as lumbar stretches. 
  3. Continue on with your routines. Try to walk as much as possible even though it can be very difficult. Go for smaller walks and try to increase it weekly.

If you are experiencing this pain you’ll be tempted to sit or lay down. However, you’ll only get better if you continue to move around. This is a real tough time for you but you will make it through.

Question: Have you ever experienced a tough time due to pain and sickness? What did you learn from it?

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