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A few weeks ago my computer got an encryption lock virus. It  infected all the files i had in my Cloud drive and on my computer. Unfortunately, I lost all my documents that I worked hard on. Nothing was backed up. How could this happen to me. I’m an IT guy. I should know better. Make sure all your documents are backed up NOW!  

You cannot afford to lose your important information. Please learn from me. If you don’t want to spend the money on backup software at least email yourself all you your important documents. You can also backup your data to different sources like a usb flash drive, external hard drive or multiple cloud services. Google has Drive. Microsoft has One Drive. Dropbox Inc. has… Dropbox. You cannot trust any one cloud source as encryption viruses can infect documents there also. So use multiple ones as they all have free versions. Now why am I telling this story.


The world needs to hear your story. When are you going to write your book or your blog? It’s in you. The story of what you have gone through will help someone else. Just knowing that you are here and that you have made it to tell your story will bring value to the listener. Everyone has a story. Everyone has a voice. “Well Paul I am just different.” You may say. Well, there is a vast population out there who need to hear someone different than the norm.

Your story can very well be that different sound that we hear. It’s not the melody but it’s the harmony. But it still sounds pleasant to the ear. You may feel you are different than the rest. You can be tall, skinny, big or small. But no one in the world has the same perspective as you. Why because no one person is similar.

You are unique. You bring something different to the table as we all may go through the same experiences we all process things differently and come out with valuable insights that can help a world that is looking for solutions to their problems

Here are reasons why you need to get your story out to the world

    1. There is an audience that needs to hear what you have to say. With multiple billions people in the world your knowledge on any particular thing will bring interest
    2. Your story will help others. A description of your problem and resolution will help someone who is in the exact same scenario.
    3. I have only experienced failure. Tell the world about it and share how  it can be avoided.

You may ask who would want to hear what I have gone through it’s not that interesting. But it is interesting and like i said earlier there is an audience that it can help. You just need to start writing TODAY! You can even start now as this blog is finished.


Question: Think back and explain what has stopped you from writing your book or blog? Please share below

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